$190/day YouTube unboxing job
Because you’re from United States, I want to offer you this $190/day YouTube job. But first I must check that you can perform the basic tasks required. So, do you think you can handle this four-step process?

  • Download premade video content we’ll send you
  • Upload the video content to the YouTube account we’ll provide you with
  • Input title for the video we provide you with
  • Receive payment of $35-$50 per video

 I hope that seems manageable to you because we’re ready to get you set up with this job right now.

Job title:  
Upload premade YouTube videos to earn $190 per day

Job description: 
A YouTube channel that’s built a large following thanks to unboxing products on camera is looking for an extra pair of hands to help them upload their videos on time. You’ll be responsible for uploading their video content to their YouTube channel. This position is only available to one person, so if you’re interested please apply right away.

 $35-$50 per video/$190 per day

Location: This job is only available to people from United States.

3 hours a day, three days a week available to upload premade YouTube videos. A device that you can do this on (even a smartphone will work) and a reliable connection to the internet.

Necessary Experience: 
You’ll be provided with basic training for the job, so it doesn’t matter if you’re completely new to this. If the 4 step process outlined above seems simple enough to you then apply right away! 

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