Discovering the Power of Pure Inner Silence to Transform Our Lives

We have often pondered: what is silence, is it merely the lack of sound?

In a way, silence can be said to enable external sound to be perceived, as it gives sound a certain character and quality, which some may call mental liberation.

Silence is not merely the absence of sound; it is something far more profound. Silence at a transcendental level is essentially Power awaiting awareness or consciousness awaiting stimulation into action.

"Pure inner silence" equates to "potential," which needs a connection to the external world in order to show its hidden capabilities.  The levels of consciousness transcend the mental noise and sound of time and space, or relative existence. Silence transcending the ordinary realm -- known as cosmic consciousness -- allows for the inner intelligence of all-knowing to become a tangible presence in one's awareness. The levels of consciousness transcend the mental noise and sound of time and space, or relative existence.

In Exodus 3:14 (KJV), God told Moses, "'I AM That I AM'".

The phrase 'God said unto Moses' is a symbolic representation of the phrase 'God said unto you/me'.

When asked, "What is your name?" To which Jesus replied, "'I AM That I AM', meaning 'I will be what I will be', conveying that my inner name/nature is 'I AM' - the self-existent soul-silence, and my transcendent 'I AM' nature is self-sufficient in its own consciousness." Like an unbounded ocean, the transcendental 'I AM' silence holds the life-requirements of every soul, thus. Put another way, the capacity for Truth and all-encompassing Quietude already resides within us as Possibility.

As Self-existent beings, we can each use our heightened imagination to create our own destiny and bring our most heart-cherished dreams and visions to life. Believing in ourselves, we can manifest whatever we conceive in our minds, either materially or spiritually within our consciousness.

Experiencing pure silence within is the simplest way to directly apply faith; this silence is pure faith, and thus we can "practice" spiritual faith.

The purpose of our existence on earth is to access this creative silence and become manifesting channels through which divine will can be purposefully expressed, rather than randomly. By becoming this channel, I AM automatically attains Self-sufficiency, meaning that our individual inner-prompts now become the needs of nature. By being in harmony with I AM in our every thought, word, and deed, we benefit both ourselves and others, thus improving the world at large.

Silence Awakens

It was the mental noise of non-disciplined thinking that had kept the spiritual soul asleep; however, paradoxically, it is now the vibrational silence that awakens it.

Silence reveals that we are not born into this world as ready-made "saints", but rather as potential. Were we born 'perfect', there would be no need for us to overcome anything, nor to develop and test our faith, nor any reason for us to be in mortal bodies, having to endure suffering and go through the learning phase of soul evolution in order to become conscious of our I AM, and thus to realize our higher potential.

You and God are getting to know each other directly. To put it another way, God [I AM] works with us rather than against us.

As silence consciousness is the active substance of faith, thus our faith first becomes established.

of making paper

Scholars of ancient times were aware of the technique for making paper.

For hundreds of centuries, metaphysical writers have emphasized the importance of inner silence.

When considering the worth of scriptures, it is vital to remember that these Self-realized authors were proficient in the art of transcendental silence, or faith experiencing; they were devoted meditators who harnessed the power of meditative silence, which is reflected in their profound, perceptive, and symbolic writings about inner events.

An example of an event, such as 'Noah's Ark' resting atop a Mount, symbolizes the silence of the awakened mind as it ascends to higher, or Mount, states of silence in consciousness. The symbol of Noah is the soul, and the Ark is representative of the brain. Due to this, a large portion of Scripture centers around 'silence within' and internal spiritual enlightenment. Thus, transcendental silence consciousness is reflected in both mental and physical well-being.

Ancient scholars have underscored the importance of stilling the often chaotic mind and its associated modes of thinking, so as to gain access to a realm of inner peace - transcendental consciousness - the foundation of physical and spiritual health. Our deeper mind will take as a prayer whatever our mind consistently thinks or entertains.

An obvious question arises thus: what is the opposite nature of bliss if silence is its nature?

The Soul Without Fear

It is not possible to feel fear when experiencing deep silence on a daily basis, as our spiritual soul is fearless and pure silence. The dominant emotion prior to spiritual awakening is residual ignorance-based fear, thus the opposite of pure silence. Scripture therefore places huge emphasis on the opposite of love, which is fear.

He experienced the thing he feared the most.

According to Job, whatever the deeper mind attaches to fearfully will be accepted as prayer and will be brought into reality by law.

The reverse of Job's statement is also true: whatever 'prayer' we are constantly happiest about comes to pass happily, with silence being the opposite of fear. This silence becomes a natural, positive prayer when our consciousness is infused with it. When the heart is full of love and overflowing, fear cannot overwhelm it.

Transcendent Love, which is perfect and pure, can convert human fear into the love of the spirit. Awakening our all-loving spiritual heart to express unconditional compassionate love and our spiritual conscience from the depths of our lower human intellect which generates and perpetuates fear in the subconscious, we begin a perfecting inner process.

Entering meditative silence daily is essential for the development of "perfect love". Once begun, it is impossible to miss the goal of achieving "perfect love" in one's heart. Regardless of creed or societal status, perfect love forms the basis of our every personal interaction, just as pure silence does. When consciousness vibrates as love, a divine state transcending the boundaries of self-interest and lower-ego is achieved, where fear cannot exist.

Referred to as 'speaking in tongues', Scriptural expression of this fear-less love is speaking through the higher spiritual heart, rather than language and mental activity sourced through spiritual ignorance and residual fear.

Silence that is Transcendental

The conscious mind, bereft of the direct experience of transcendental silence, finds itself adrift on a turbulent ocean of 'noise' and the lure of lower sense-consciousness. The imperative at this point is to need inner silence. Dropping a mind-soothing pebble-sound of the sacred sound AUM into the choppy surface of mental waters triggers the ocean's deeper stillness to oscillate pure silence unto our deeper consciousness, thus 'firing' inner happiness, peace and love, which also optimally boosts the immune system in this context.

AUM, this stillness-pebble, initiates vibration and expansion, thereby acclimatizing consciousness to pure, transcendental, unbounded silence, allowing the soul to re-establish itself on a higher spiritual evolution and realign with higher states of vibrational silence consciousness. We are now transitioning from chaos, confusion, and uncertainty to a life of love, vibrancy, rootedness, and permanence.

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