Maintaining Good Posture is Important

The importance of good posture to our health has been made clear to me. It is widely understood that bad posture can lead to neck and lower back pain. It is widely understood that bad posture can lead to neck and lower back pain. The focus of this article is to explore the detrimental effects that poor posture can have on the body. A definition of normal posture will be established. The discussion will focus on how to achieve proper posture.

A study discussing poor posture was published in 2004 by Deborah Kado MD and her colleagues in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. She used the term "hyperkyphosis". Postural slouching, or hyperkyphosis, is characterized by the head and shoulders slumping forward. It was noted that there was a 44% increased chance of dying for older people with hyperkyphotic posture. Linking poor posture to an increased rate of mortality due to atherosclerosis (hardening and blockage of the arteries), she suggested a potential cause.

In 2019, a scientific research paper published in the Asian Spine Journal revealed that middle-aged and elderly people were increasingly being affected by hypertension (high blood pressure). The authors noted that poor postural changes began when people were in their 30s, despite the mean average age of those in the study being close to 80 years old.

One can imagine normal posture as that of a military person standing at attention. They are standing straight with their head and shoulders back. They have an upright upper body posture definitely. Their stomach and hips are also not thrust forward, but instead are held back. Drawing a straight line from their ankle, through their hip, up to the middle of the shoulder and then to the opening of the ear would be possible if you looked at them from the side. They appear attractive! Their clothing fits more appropriately. They conduct themselves with self-respect.

I strive to improve the posture of my patients in my chiropractic practice on a daily basis. I employ various chiropractic techniques to bring their spine and pelvis back into proper alignment if it is misaligned. If they enter the office with neck and back pain, this almost always brings relief from pain. I also demonstrate very simple stretching and strengthening exercises to them, in order to help improve their posture.

I like to visualize standing with a helium balloon tied to the top of my head by a string. This automatically improves one's posture. By standing, walking, and sitting with this image in mind, posture will undoubtedly be improved and one's overall health will be enhanced.

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