Selecting entertainment for your wedding reception can be a cause of stress.

Congratulations on your engagement!  Planning a wedding is your task! You likely have many questions running through your mind at this moment. Beginning where do you? Which questions should I ask vendors? From where will I obtain the money? How much money are we discussing? Contrary to what most couples think, wedding planning can actually be enjoyable. By properly planning and allocating time to create it, you can have a truly unique and exciting Chicago Wedding reception.

All your very important wedding details should be treated with care, and this also applies to the entertainment portion of your reception. A reception's entertainment appears to be one of the most, if not the most, important aspects. Without entertainment, these events would take on an entirely different personality, despite the importance of food, decorations, and socialization.

When hiring the right entertainment for affairs focused around, or heavily reliant upon, entertainment, some serious considerations must be taken.

Should you select your entertainment based on the one who answers the phone first, the one with the lowest price, or simply because they live in your hometown? Before selecting your entertainer, there are several things you should consider.

Does the entertainer have experience in offering services for your event type? This question cannot be answered simply with a yes or no. Someone who knows the ropes will be necessary. What level of experience do you want your entertainer to possess? Obtaining a list of references from past clients should be considered.

At your event, who will be the entertainer? You won't often know who your entertainer is until that night when dealing with larger multi-operational companies. Are you willing to accept this? When shopping for entertainment, make sure to always ask this question and ensure that it is clearly and concisely outlined in your contract.

Which type of equipment do you feel you deserve to have at your event? If one cannot comprehend announcements, or even worse experiences a hiss or buzz during an event, it would be a difficult situation to imagine. Envision having part of your festively adorned event showcase an unsightly arrangement of cables and battered gear. Just because an entertainer charges top dollar doesn't always mean they will bring top dollar equipment to your event; another important factor to consider. A picture of their setup is a must-have!

What services other than playing music are included? Do you require a master of ceremonies (emcee), a coordinator, or someone to interact and participate with your audience at your event? Is your entertainer willing to take on the responsibility of providing those services? Questions to consider prior to your event can be important. Do you require a master of ceremonies (emcee), a coordinator, or someone to interact and participate with your audience at your event?

Is your entertainer an elegant public speaker? Are they able to speak in full sentences without stammering or using filler words such as "um" and "uh"? It is commonly reported that public speaking is one of the most feared activities in the United States. Are they able to speak in full sentences without stammering or using filler words such as "um" and "uh"? This aspect of the entertainer's importance can be overlooked.

Is there backup equipment provided and readily accessible? Since all electronics are man-made, they are prone to failure, like all other products created by humans. It is essential that your entertainer not only has backup equipment but also a contingency plan. Request to know your entertainer's backup plan.

In the event that the entertainer is ill or otherwise unable to attend your event, what will happen? A written contract form should be used to lay out these details with EVERY service provider. Be sure to arrange these items before your event so as to avoid any issues afterwards.

Does your entertainer have insurance? All businesses that are legitimate have insurance. Were something to happen at your event, heaven forbid, this may not seem important upfront. Do you want to hire an entertainer without it? Request that your entertainer provide you with proof of both property and liability insurance.

Is there any additional cost or requirement that your entertainer has not disclosed? Do you, for example, have to pay a fee for the use of stairs at the reception hall? Do you have to pay for their dinner? Do they need to take smoke breaks? If your entertainer does not discuss these topics in their sales presentation, you may want to inquire about them.

What input can you give regarding your music selection?  When it comes to music, everyone has their own tastes and preferences. Will your entertainer be able to adapt to those tastes or will they stay with their usual routine? Does your entertainer also offer online music planning?

The success of your event depends on so much, so your entertainment should never be overlooked. When shopping for your wedding entertainment, several factors should be taken into account in addition to price. Never be afraid to ask questions, as the entertainment will greatly influence the success of your reception.

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