What Are the Steps to Selecting the Perfect Corporate Entertainer for Your Corporate Event?

You are ready for your employee or customer appreciation event. Everything comes crashing to a halt after your CEO introduces the entertainment for the evening. Instead of the anticipated laughter and applause, you are met with silence and a chorus of heavy sighs. You thought the talent was the perfect corporate entertainer for your group, but they panicked and started insulting the audience. Sinking slowly into your chair, you ponder whether your resume is up-to-date.

Maya Angelou famously stated, "People may forget what you said and what you did, yet they will never forget how you made them feel." The great food and beautiful room will quickly be forgotten. Your group won't forget how miserable they felt watching the entertainer you chose to bring "fun" and excitement to your event. Sometimes it's odd that an events manager will spend months planning certain aspects of an event, such as food, hotel, decorations, etc., but wait until the last minute to book the right corporate event entertainment.

If you are planning a corporate event or meeting, here are some entertainment ideas that can help you select the perfect corporate entertainer.

Therefore, you can miss out on some great talent if many leading corporate entertainers don't work with agents. Agents can be a beneficial resource for discovering talent, yet they are not the only option. The agent may not have actually worked with the corporate entertainer on their roster, so don't assume that. If you are open to exploring other possibilities, try using a Google search with terms such as "funny motivational speaker" or "entertaining motivational speaker". At this location, you can find numerous corporate entertainers who can bring the "WOW" element to your gathering.

Once you have chosen an entertainer or two, take the time to thoroughly investigate their demos to determine if they are the right fit for your group. By watching a video of the particular entertainer, you can quickly confirm if they will work for you and save time - as if you don't like the video, you can move on to your next candidate without delay. Observe if the talent has had experience with similar groups while viewing the demonstration. Observe the demographic makeup of the group. Does the video show the crowd's reaction? Do the laughter and applause come from a real audience, or are they pre-recorded? By watching a video of the particular entertainer, you can quickly confirm if they will work for you and save time - as if you don't like the video, you can move on to your next candidate without delay. Was it just one standing ovation that the corporate entertainer received, or were there multiple?

If you enjoy the demo, survey the talent's site to see the different types of corporate entertainment they offer. Check to see how many program options the corporate entertainer has. After that, read the testimonials of the companies for which the talent has worked, additionally. Although many corporate entertainers display logos of companies on their site, it may be difficult to find any testimonials from those companies on the talent's site. Showing a logo of a company on a talent's page implies that they have worked with that company, so logically, they should have a testimonial to back up the claim. If they don't do what is expected, then what should you assume?

Referrals have been replaced by video testimonials, which are the cream of the crop. A video testimonial will tell you everything you need to know, instead of having to call someone to get a referral on a talent. When looking for a video testimonial, consider who is giving it and what they have said. An events manager, marketing or sales executive or someone of higher rank should provide the testimonial for the talent that was booked for corporate event entertainment. While audience member testimonials can be helpful, it is preferable to hear from someone in corporate who actually booked the talent. Undoubtedly, the written testimonials will outweigh those on video since most corporate entertainers who are good at their job have been doing it for some time. You should have enough video testimonials to provide solid information regarding the quality of service you can expect from the entertainer.

Once you have determined that a particular corporate entertainer may be suitable for your employee appreciation event or client appreciation event, reach out to them directly. By spending a few minutes speaking on the phone, one can gain insight into how well the talent would not only function in your group, but also collaborate with you. Flexibility is the key to any event. If your talent is overburdened with too many demands or requirements, you may need to look for another option. You and your executives are dealing with the demands and needs of your group, after all. You don't need an entertainer who is "needy", either. When you talk to them on the phone, make sure to cover the cost, any necessary arrangements, and, most importantly, how the entertainer can bring the "WOW" factor to your event.

The bottom line is that finding the right corporate entertainer for your corporate event requires time. Event managers take the time to plan multiple site visits, make copious calls to hotel catering, agonize over decorations, strategize hotel bookings, and do much more, all in an effort to ensure the event is a success. When planning your corporate event, make sure to prioritize finding the right entertainment, and don't rely solely on one source. Though they may not recall exactly what they ate or the particulars of the table decorations, your group will always remember how awful the experience of watching a poor corporate entertainer made them feel; a lesson to be remembered.

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